Cyber Monday Warning over Fake or Illegal Sites

Posted on 08 December 2009

With Monday 7th December expected to be the busiest day in the UK for online shoppers who are estimated to be spending over £350 million pounds on online transactions WebSpecialOffers the website that sell discounted goods as well as offering comparison services for Car Insurance, Home Insurance and Life Insurance offering you the following tips.

If you are not careful you may find yourself on a website selling fake or illegal goods or your order never turns up. You will have also used your credit or debit card to pay for these goods and the details of which may be sold on or used in other illegal transactions.

Just days ago the Police and Nominet who control the UK domain names closed down over 1200 such sites. Many of these sites where selling big brand names such as Tiffany Jewellery and Ugg Boots. Since the closure only days ago many of these sites have come back online trading under different names with the same website look and feel.

When registering a domain name you dont have to be a UK citizen and many are registered abroad in china or eastern Europe but at the time of writing Nominet are reluctant to increase the security checks on website owners.

Tips for safer shopping:

1) Check the website has a phone number and a postal address. Try giving the number a call and make sure they sound professional.

2) When going through the checkout make sure you see a padlock in the bottom menu bar or in the address bar. This shows that data you are sending is being send securely and the https:// is in the address bar.

3) It is also worth checking on review sites previous comments made about this site and the products received.

4) Always use your credit card to pay for transactions over £100 as you have more comeback with the credit card company should the goods be fake or not turn up. A lot of sites also use Google Checkout or Paypal and this is even more secure.

You can also visit the nominet website by clicking the link here and do a whois search on the domain owner and the age of the domain or website.

Have a safe shopping day online from WebSpecialOffers.

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